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Enrique Marinel-lo Jordan

Enrique Marinel-lo Jordan is a lawyer, being his areas of specialization M&A | Corporate Law and Corporate Governance | Commercial Law | Cross border transactions | Entrepreneurship, Start-ups and Innovation| Foundations.

He is characterized by his creative spirit, positive attitude, plurilateral vision and ability to interrelate environments. Such features lead him towards finding solutions to conflicts and to build bridges during negotiations.


Nils Döhler

Nils Döhler is a highly resolutive lawyer, with great versatility and adaptability. He has a great team and multicultural spirit and an extraordinary ability to connect with his clients and their global needs.  

 His areas of specialization are Commercial Real Estate, Mortgage and Construction Law | Civil and Successions law | as well as International Successions.

Christian Liepert

Christian Liepert is a Business Development Consultant with an industrial engineering degree. He is the founding partner of the independent Consulting Firm AXIKON.

He has great experience in collaborative projects such as  export consortia   |  network groups   and  joint ventures.  His international experience also includes advising companies from a strategic and a sales perspective on how to access and develop their business in Europe, mainly in Spain and Germany.