Legal counsel

The client is always at the centre. Well-established and experienced lawyers with a solid background and understanding of international market related legal issues will guide you through the whole process of any transactions,  business or projects until its satisfactory completion. In addition to solving any legal challenges, we always build the necessary cultural bridges in order to adapt to the constantly changing conditions, especially in the European Union and DACH countries .    

corporate law

From the incorporations of companies due to foreign investments, together with often complex shareholders’ agreements and defence of shareholders’ rights, duties and liabilities of directors, or start-up & entrepreneurship driven projects until non-profit Foundations and Associations, we can offer you a wide range of corporate law services.

real estate & regulatory

When Real Estate and Regulatory issues are involved, contracts must be drawn up and transactions carried out, our clients will find a reliable legal partner who always keeps an eye on the context and economic goals of his clients.

technology and innovation

Technology and innovation are among the most promising areas in the current investment and business environment. Spain in particular offers great potential for development in the coming years. We create the legal framework for your successful projects in that context.

complementary and transversal areas

As complementary and transversal areas connected to the above mentioned areas, we also offer the following legal services: Tax and Labour Law, Commercial and Civil Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property (IP), as well as Litigation .

How can we help you to succeed?

  • By allocating to each project teams formed by multidisciplinary professionals.
  • By building a trust based and transparent partnership with our clients.
  • By means of an effective and responsible protection of our clients´ interests at any time.
  • By searching and exploring for new formulas, approaches and creative solutions in order to position our clients in a clear competitive advantage.
  • By a work ethic which is built on honesty, professional humility and recognition of our limits, combined with a delivery of the adequate legal solution and corresponding proactivity and transparency.

Which specific services can we offer you?

  • Individual case or project counsel.
  • Personal advice with a central contact person who coordinates all legal counsel objectives.
  • Independent and responsible professionals who are characterised by their eagerness, courage, vocation, and determination, all in pursuit of their client’s goals .
  • Reinforcement of own legal know-how with a solid network that allows an optimal response to each particular project or case.
  • Use of digitalised and innovative working methods.

We offer you complete tailor made services according to your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.