corporate finance - investments (m&A)

Our Corporate Finance and M&A expert team will offer you an integral and comprehensive counsel, guiding you all the way through any cross-border transaction: sale and purchase of companies, asset deals, restructuring services, business plans, valuation services, as well as strategic and financial counsel. Our local knowledge and insight paired with our international network will provide you with a thorough and all-inclusive advice that will contribute to the success of any cross-border deal. 

M&A Advisory

Whether advising you from the seller or buyer side, our team of M&A advisors have the deal expertise, technical knowledge, and skills to add value to your M&A deal. We work with you to maximize value, mitigate risks, solve challenges, and manage the M&A process in the most effective way possible.

Strategic advisory services

Further to our M&A Advisory services, our Strategic Advisory services will help you achieve the full potential of any strategy you might want to define, implement, or develop within your company, both from a corporate and financial perspective. We have an in-depth industry knowledge that complemented by our respect to your company’s culture and business strategy will offer you a unique and tailored approach as well as the necessary tools to reach your goals.

How can we help you to succeed?

  • By allocating to each project teams formed by multidisciplinary professionals.
  • By building a trust based and transparent partnership with our clients.
  • By means of an effective and responsible protection of our clients' interests at any time.
  • By searching and exploring for new formulas, approaches and creative solutions in order to position our clients in a clear competitive advantage.
  • By a work ethic which is built on honesty, professional humility and recognition of our limits, combined with a delivery of the adequate legal solution and corresponding proactivity and transparency.


    Which specific services can we offer you?

    • Full and complete counsel through any M&A deal: from the due diligence process, letter of intent, and strategic plan, to the sale and/or purchase agreement, negotiations, mitigation of risks, post-closing execution, etc.
    • Tailored strategic services: financial and operational restructuring, valuation and financing audits, definition of exit strategies, business and viability plans, internationalization of companies, and involvement in the Board of Directors’ meetings, incentives planning for the management team, etc.
    • Creation of synergies through our international network.
    • In-depth industry knowledge and local market understanding.
    • Multilingual team of experts enabling any cross-border transaction to run smoothly.

    We offer you complete tailor made services according to your needs.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.