accounting management

Modern and up to date accounting services for your company, plus tax compliance regarding ongoing tax obligations, as well as general tax planning or preparation of a tax policy for your business, represents one of the most important, daily business aspects of a competitive company. In this context, we are also used to working together internationally, as is often the case with Spanish companies that are incorporated on a project basis and thus usually belong to a group of companies.

accounting or bookkeeping of the company

Accounting or bookkeeping of the company, including payroll accounting, and in particular the preparation of invoices, payment execution, as well as invoice receipt control: This area includes, among other things, the preparation of a monthly accounting, the preparation and management of daily, inventory and balance sheet books, as well as project-related accounting so that your company can evaluate the profitability of the various projects.

tax compliance

This area includes, in particular, the processing of quarterly and annual tax returns (VAT, intra-Community transactions, tax withholdings related to income tax resulting from payroll accounting as well as invoices from freelance service providers, etc.); preparation of tax books (input tax, VAT, intra-Community transactions, exempt transactions, etc.); preparation of a tax policy for your company, etc.

which specific services can we offer you?

  • General Accounting Services according to international standards.
  • Consolidation package and financial reporting.
  • Annual financial statements and legalization of official accounting books.
  • Personal advice with a central contact person who coordinates all accounting management objectives.
  • Analytical Accounting services, e.g. project driven.
  • Analysis of specific business sectors driven needs.
  • Invoicing and payment services.
  • Use of digitalised and innovative working methods.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.